Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trail Discovery for Kids: Michaux State Forest, PA

Taking a rest next to the reservoir
July 2012 Highlighted Hike
Beaver Trail
Michaux State Forest, PA

Trail Description
ü  This 2.5 mile out-and-back hike is in Michaux State Forest north of Route 30 and 10 miles east of Chambersburg, PA.
ü  This natural surface trail hugs the reservoir with only one 75 foot climb away from the reservoir and then a gentle slope descending back.
ü  To find the Beaver trailhead, turn left onto Milesburn Road (dirt road) from Rt. 233. At the end of the reservoir, turn right onto Birch Run Road (dirt road). Follow it for less than a mile. Park along the road after the second bridge. Walk back over the bridge to stairs on the left of the road which descend the embankment where the Beaver trailhead sign is located.
ü  The hike is not jogging stroller friendly.
ü  Trail map. To help orient, look for Caledonia State Park in pink. The reservoir is north of it. The Beaver Trail is on the north side of the reservoir adjacent to Birch Run Road.

Age Appropriateness
This hike is appropriate for children five years or older.

What is fun for kids?
ü  Hiking along the reservoir. There are six different locations to access it and play; the largest being a mile down the trail.
ü  Blueberry bushes are abundant along both sides of the trail throughout the hike.
ü  In June, the Rhododendron bushes display huge flowers.
ü  Bring a kayak or canoe and enjoy the lake. The boat ramp is located on the south side of it off of Milesburn Road.
ü  Bushwhack, rock scramble and play in Knob Run. This is the stream that runs under the second bridge on Birch Run Road. Rocky Knob Trail runs along this stream.
ü  Camp along Hosack Run at the small campground at Caledonia State Park.

ü  There is no bathroom or trash cans; therefore, pack out your garbage. The closest bathroom is at Caledonia State Park.
Beware of the posted restrictions in the state forest.

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