Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions: Establishing New Ones on Trails

      Thanksgiving oozes family tradition - going to grandma's house, volunteering at a soup kitchen, making the passed-down family recipe, watching football or the parades in PJ's or taking a hike. After years of wrangling with traffic in the the northeast, my husband and I decided, no more, enough was enough of the exhausting eleven hour stop-and-go traffic and decided to stay put at home. Thus, it gave us the opportunity to establish our own traditions and invite others to join us.
     Whether it is cold, rainy or the most beautiful azure skies, we take a hike. We stuff the turkey to capacity, stick it in the oven, put on our hiking boots and venture close to one of the many trails the DC region has to offer. The trails are quiet and peaceful because so many have escaped the political hub to find rest and relaxation. Instead, we retreat to a trail to celebrate each other, our family unit, the bounty in our lives and the ability to adventure together in the great outdoors. Besides sitting down to gorge on a tasty meal and share our gratitude, hiking as a family on Thanksgiving allows us to relish each other and just be.
     What traditions are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving?