Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fishing Around

Do you know what is the most popular outdoor activity in America? Yup, that's right, fishing. Fishing transcends age, class, race, and gender, unlike all other outdoor sports. Why is that? My thoughts are that it doesn't require expensive equipment (a bamboo pole will do), requires limited physical activity and therefore less intimidating, and a body of water, whether a stream, pond, lake or river, can be found locally.
Yesterday, I listened to two knowledgeable speakers provide a lot of information about fishing in the DMV (District, MD, VA) on the Kojo Nnamdi Show. It got me thinking about fishing, children and nature. Fishing is a great way to introduce children to nature with opportunities to observe wildlife and receive the positive and tranquil benefits of it, particularly water side. Trout Unlimited with their Trout in the Classroom and the American Fly Fishing Trade Association are two outstanding organizations that introduce fishing to thousands of children around the US. Whether you participate in one of these two organization's fishing programs or go out on your own, fishing helps children develop a relationship with nature. This relationship fosters earthmanship!

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